Introduction to Video-Conference Guitar Lessons

If you think you just need a little final touch to master in playing bossa nova music or if you are a beginner struggling with decision about where to start or what to do next you may wish to book individual guitar lesson.

You may use either Skype or any SIP compatible client software for video conferencing. SIP is standard communication protocol for voice and video over IP used by thousands of telco providers and works well on Internet connections.

If you choose to use Skype you need a Skype account and Skype client for your operating system. To use SIP you need video conferencing client software that supports SIP and a SIP account, both are available for free. In theory any SIP compliant software should work, the choice depends on the system that you use. We have tested the following free software clients:

  • Ekiga on Linux: available in most Linux distributions and repositories - also offers free SIP account (
  • Jitsi on Windows:
  • Linphone on Windows: - also offers free SIP account (
  • Our lessons operate according to the FairPay scheme (known also as PWYW - pay what you want), which means that after a lesson is finished you decide by yourself how much you want to pay, according to the value you believe you received from us. There are no advance payments and no fixed amounts, you are the only one who decide about how much does it worth to you and how much you want to spend on your guitar lessons.

    Register or Book Lessons

    Using the link from above you can register and book a guitar lesson immediatelly or if you are curious to know how this works and what you can expect from these lessons please read the following chapters. Once you register you'll receive email with further instructions.

    Language for lessons is English.

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