Advanced Bossa Nova Phrase 4x44

As explained previously in this section, 'x' stands for multiple rhythmic patterns, 2 and 3 in this case. This phrase may be built by splicing together the first measure (42) of the third basic phrase variation (4212) and the second measure (44) from the advanced phrase 4444, resulting in the phrase labeled as 4244. It can be played syncopated (as 4344, in which form it is showed here) or in reverse (as 4442 or 4443).

This phrase is presented in video lesson Samba de Uma Nota So by Antonio Carlos Jobim - Newton Mendonça, as it was played by João Gilberto on album O Amor, o Sorriso e a Flor from 1960. The video lesson contains two variations of this phrase: 4344 and 4442. First variation (4344) is showed below:


Note that in this example only the bass notes are played on strong beats while all the chords are played on weak beats. Another variation of this phrase (4244) has been also used by João Gilberto in Desafinado and Corcovado while in Doralice by Dorival Caymmi (recorded on O Amor, o Sorriso e a Flor) João used 4442 variation. In both Corcovado and Desafinado this phrase is played during the finish of the vocal part, while in Doralice it is played in the closing of the song. In Samba de Uma Nota So this phrase was used multiple times within the song as it can be seen in the video lesson.

Video Lesson: Samba de Uma nota So

Despite being "built upon a single note" this one is quite tricky to play as there are 20 different rhythmic phrases (out of 32 in total) as well as 28 different chords. The song opens with chords played in legato style with slight crescendo during the "nota so" phrase, followed by staccato similar to the one used in Chega de Saudade.

Note that the closing rhythmic phrase differs from the one played by Jobim in his own recordings of the same song.

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