Advanced Bossa Nova Phrase 4x3x

This phrase may be built built by splicing together the first measure (42) of the third basic phrase variation (4212) and the second measure (32) from the second basic phrase (1332), resultig in the phrase 4232. It can also be played syncopated, as either 4233, 4332 or 4333. We didn't find a single appearance of any ot reversed variations in the songs we analysed, though this would be as well possible.

This phrase is showed in Triste by Antonio Carlos Jobim. The version used here is loosely transcribed from two recordings made by Jobim, an instrumental version from 1967 released on album Wave and on Jobim's duet with Frank Sinatra recorded in 1969. Note that this phrase in fact doesn't appear in any of Jobim's solo recordings of Triste in which Jobim mostly played second basic bossa nova phrase (1332).


This phrase has also been used by João Gilberto in Rosa Morena and Bim Bom as recorded in Carnegie Hall concert (as 4233) and in Você e Eu from album João Gilberto (as 4333). A very similar phrase (4234) appears in Aos Pes da Cruz as showed in the video lesson from Basic section, in transition from lyrics ending to the closing part of the song.

Video Lesson: Triste

Major highlights of this lesson include arpeggiated chords in the introduction and frequent muting of strings throughout the song. Arpeggiated chords are played one string at a time in the quick succession and in such way that the highest note of the chord (the last one in succession) is played on the beat. Special care with muting is necessary as there are lot of open strings being played.

Note that the closing phrase represents Jobim's attempt to imitate the sound of agogo bells on the guitar.

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