Third Basic Bossa Nova Phrase Variation Syncopated

By syncopation of chord voice on beat 8 of second measure we get syncopated version of the third basic phrase variation.


Example showed below was taken from Este Seu Olhar by Antonio Carlos Jobim as played by João Gilberto on album João Gilberto from 1961. As this phrase differs from previous in added syncopated beat 6 of first measure it also feels a bit more syncopated.


Same phrase also appears in Rosa Morena, Outra Vez, É Luxó So and Aos Pés da Cruz from previous João Gilberto's albums.

Video Lesson: Este Seu Olhar

This is one of our favourites, it also exhibits tempo rubato in the song opening as well as in the ending. We will show exact timing of the notes and how they can influence the musical expression in Advanced section.

Same as we had with non-syncopated version, this phrase can also sometimes replace basic syncopated phrase (1213) and has been often used in that way.

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