Advanced Bossa Nova Phrase 3x3x

This phrase may be built built by splicing together two instances of the second measure (32) from the second basic phrase (1332) in which case we get phrase 3232. It can also be played syncopated, as either 3233 or syncopated and reversed as 3332. The score below shows 3233 variation as it was used in Agua de Beber.

This phrase is showed in Agua de Beber by Antonio Carlos Jobim. The version used here is loosely based on two recordings made by Jobim, an instrumental version released on album The Wonderful World Of Antonio Carlos Jobim in 1965 and on Jobim's duet with Frank Sinatra recorded in 1969.


This phrase has been also used (as 3332) by João Gilberto in Samba da Minha Terra and Bim Bom from Carnegie Hall concert album, in Doralice, Pra Machucar Meu Coração and So Danço Samba (as 3232 and 3332) from Getz/Gilberto and some other songs.

Video Lesson: Agua de Beber

It is always a challenge to transcribe for the guitar a song that was originally recorded with orchestral arrangement. In those cases the chords played on guitar need to be extended to include the notes played by the other instruments, e.g. E - Em7 played originally by Jobim were extended with major second and became E9 - Em9 (at 2:12 and 2:19). Likewise the rhythmic phrases were also adjusted. The syncopation of basic bossa nova phrase was selected to complement the melody as it was sung by Jobim.

The chord change from Bm7 to Cmaj7/-5 (xx4557) may be difficult to perform due to the large stretch between ring and little finger. In such a case it makes sense to fret first 3 fingers first to establish a firm reference point and add little finger fraction of a second later. As this change is played with staccato there is just enough time to perform that kind of chord change

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