Practice Between Lessons

During the time between lessons you will most probably want to practice the topics we have covered. All the examples and transcriptions from your lesson plan will be accessible to you whenever you log in, but they are also designed to be printed directly from the browser, if you ever wish to do so. The lesson plan may also be printed if you wish to take handwritten notes during the lessons. Every printed page of a lesson plan includes an empty space for taking notes.

Ideally you should find some time for practice every day. Practice sessions don't have to last long, as a matter of fact it's better to practice in several short sessions than in one long. Just remember, learning and practice may take a lot of time. That's because those actions generate a lot of brain activity and our brain needs time to arrange all the information we collect. The rest also appears to be an important factor in the functioning of the brain so make sure you sleep enough and that you're not tired when you practice. Sometimes the brain needs many cycles of practice-sleep to set all those information in order that we can play a piece the way we want. So take your time, don't rush things, patience and persistence are keys to success.

Book Your Next Lessons

Once you're satisfied with your progress you may wish to book your next lesson. For booking you'll need a Transaction ID you received when you made your last payment.

If you're not already registered you may register now or book your next lesson.

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