Single Beat Rhythmic Phrases

Following the description from the intro chapter, in this part of advanced section we will move further and show rhythmic phrases that can be constructed by repeating the sequence of consecutive single beats (16th notes). While in a theory those phrases might as well be described by polyrhythmic composition of different simple rhythms it is much easier to memorize them by thinking about consecutive beat patterns.

If we for example combine two identical simple divisive 2/4 rhythms, but shifted in phase for one beat, as showed below, we get the sequnces of 2 consecutive beats (beats 3 and 4) repeated throuought the whole phrase.

As this simple beat sequence is just being repeated it is then easy to memorize the positions of those beats and repeat them throughout the phrase. In this example the beat sequence starts with the beat 4 so we start counting from it and count: ..4,1..4,1.. etc.

In the following lessons we will also show phrases with diffrerent number of beats per sequence, some of those starting from different beat positions.

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