Once I Loved
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Antonio Carlos Jobim - Ray Gilbert
Portuguese words by Vinícius de Moraes
Dbm7 F#7/+5
        Ebm7  G#7/+5/-9       Dbm7                      Ddim              Ebm7        Bm7 Bm6
Once, I loved,          And I gave so much love to this love you were the world to me
       Amaj7 A6        Bbm7/-5                   Eb7               G#maj7      G#7 Dbm7 F#7/+5
Once I cried    at the thought I was foolish and proud and let you say goodbye 
         Ebm7 G#7/+5/-9         Dbm7                 Ddim                Ebm7       Bm7 Bm6
Then one day            from my infinite sadness you came and brought me love again 
      Amaj7 A6        Bbm7/-5           Eb7              G#maj7     G#m6
Now I know    that no matter whatever befalls I'll never let you go
                F#maj7 F#m6          Emaj7 E6
I will hold you close,      Make you stay 
        Fdim                Edim          G#7       E7/9
Because love is the saddest thing when it goes away 
Fdim                Bbdim         G#m7      G#m9 Dbm7 F#7/+5
Love is the saddest thing when it goes away 



Transcribed from

Desafinado - Joao Gilberto

Transcribed by Bossa Nova Guitar®, 1998-2001.