Bossa Nova Guitar Lessons Booking Help


Registration is required in order to book Bossa Nova Guitar lessons. After your account has been registered you will be able to log in and access the booking calendar.


Under the Schedule menu item you will find the Booking item. This will show you the available, reserved, restricted and blocked slots on the schedule and allow you to book resources that you have permission to.


On the Bookings page, find the date and time you'd like to book. Clicking on the availlable time slot will allow you to change the details of the reservation. Clicking the Create button will check availability, book the reservation and send out any emails. You will be given a reference number to use for reservation follow-up.

Any changes made to a reservation will not take effect until you click on Create button.

In Transaction ID field you need to enter a transaction ID you received in Bossa Nova Guitar follow-up email or in PayPal payment notification email when you made your last payment.

Updating a Reservation

You can update any reservation that you have created or that was created on your behalf. Any changes made to a reservation will not take effect until you click on Update button.

If you modify the time or delete your reservation that is currently in restricted area, there is no way you can undo the changes. If that happens by mistake please contact administrator.

Reservation Approval

Every new reservation and any update made to an existing reservation is subject to approval and will be approved in the shortest possible time.

Deleting a Reservation

Deleting a reservation completely removes it from the schedule. It will no longer be visible anywhere in the booking calendar.

Adding a Reservation to Calendar (Outlook®, iCal, Mozilla Lightning, Evolution)

When viewing or updating a reservation if you click on More button you will see an option to Add to Calendar. If Outlook is installed on your computer then when you click on Add to Calendar you should be asked to add the meeting. If it is not installed then this option will simply download an .ics file. This is a standard calendar format. You can use this file to add the reservation to any application that supports the iCalendar file format.


Payment menu item links directly to the PayPal payment page. There you may enter the value and proceed to checkout with PayPal. At present we are operating under the FairPay system. In principle that means that you decide how much do you want to pay for any single lesson. When you make a payment through PayPal you will receive a payment notification email message. This message contains unique transaction ID that will be bound to your account once you make a payment. This transaction ID allows you to book a single Bossa Nova Guitar Lesson. Every transaction ID can be used only once.

Reservation Tablet View

Booked provides a tablet-friendly view of a resource's current availability. To launch this view, open then choose the resource to display. From this view users can view the current availability, check in to their reservation, and book new reservations.